Departments and programs

Academic Success Center

The mission of the Academic Success Center (ASC) is to ensure that all Wayne State students become self-determined learners who graduate prepared to achieve their professional and personal goals. This is accomplished through zero-cost learning support services offered 7 days per week. Highly trained peer leaders facilitate course tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, and study skills coaching--all which simplify and enhance students' academic performance.  

In addition, the ASC offers its Academic Persistence program to students navigating academic probation. Intentional partnerships with each student’s academic advisor allow Academic Persistence Specialists to work closely with students to create a customized academic improvement plan.  

Office of Federal TRiO  

The Office of Federal TRiO is responsible for administering and overseeing various TRiO programs aimed at providing support and resources to students from underserved communities. Federal TRiO programs partner with a number of local school districts, charter school networks, community-based organizations, and university offices and programs to help students overcome barriers to higher education. Participants include middle and high school students, veterans, and undergraduate students. 

Office of Student Success Operations

The Office of Student Success Operations is a centralized unit which supports horizontal alignment throughout all Student Success departments and programs. In addition to leading the effective execution of student success strategies campus-wide, the operational strategy team prioritizes the use of data and predictive analytics to offer proactive support to our students, allowing for intentionally designed intervention frameworks and program assessment. Student Success marketing and communications are coordinated centrally through this unit to ensure consistency in messaging and program promotion.   

Student Disability Services  

Student Disability Services (SDS) ensures an inclusive academic environment by offering universal access and inclusion for Wayne State students. In addition to academic accommodations, SDS provides resources and training in assistive technology to foster self-advocacy and success for students with disabilities.  
SDS hosts a liaison program intended to bridge the gap between faculty/departments and student accommodation needs, allowing the promotion of disability awareness and universal design across campus. 

University Advising Center  

The University Advising Center (UAC) provides advising services to undergraduate students in many of the pre-professional programs (including pre-med, pre-nursing and pre-pharmacy), prospective students, and students exploring, declaring, or changing majors.  
The UAC is home to the Advisor Training Academy, the Office of Military and Veterans Academic Excellence and Pre-med and Health Science Center

Warrior 360

Warrior 360 is a program created to partner intentionally with students to foster campus connections, community, skill-building, and holistic support throughout their college career. As a member of the Warrior 360 community, students are paired with a college success coach and a peer success partner, ensuring students thrive academically and personally.  
Momentum Week, a pre-first-year engagement opportunity, offers incoming Warrior 360 students an immersive college experience with no-cost campus housing and meals. Students can expect to end the week with a strong sense of belonging and applicable academic skills to best prepare them for the semester ahead.